A scarf is basically consisting of a small fabrics’ piece which someone can around his neck. Scarves are used by most of the guys just for fashion. But originally scarves help to keep a person warm in cold weather and to keep a person protected from hot weather or it could be used for some religious reasons. Scarves are made with a variety of fabric stuff like linen, wool, cotton etc. scarves made with wool are best to use in winters, and of cotton or linen can be used in hot summer to protect your neck from hot sun rays.

Neckties or scarves got a very prominent place in the wardrobe of any guy. Nowadays men are using scarves with

History of Wearing Scarves

The trend of wearing scarves is not a trend of today. It’s an old fashion to wrap a small clothing material around your neck. But in ancient time the purpose of wearing scarf was just to wipe the neck and mouth when sweat appears.  But now these are being used by men and women as a fashion stuff. One can carry a scarf in various styles.

According to some resources, it thought that men’s scarf wearing came into existence when aviators of world war I and world war II adopted it. The aviators at that time used to keep their selves warm. So according to these scarves are a part of men’s clothing for almost 200 years ago. The Romans introduced the present form of that time wearing scarf was known as the badge of honour. Because at that scarves were used by the army persons or lawmakers. Civilians never used the scarves. So, it was considered as a symbol of honour.

In the year 1970, Qin Shi Hang’s tomb was discovered. Qin Shi Hang was the first emperor of great China. He died in 210 BC. In the era of Qin Shi Hang there was a tradition to kill the whole court on the ruler’s death. So that they can go with their ruler after death. So, the soldier of that time wrapped broad scarves around their neck. So, it was believed that the soldiers of Qin Shi Hang wore scarves to prevent themselves from emperor as well as to keep saved themselves from cold.

While in Buddhism scarves made of silk fabric or scarves made of white cotton fabric are given to people on different occasions or at any social ceremony as a gift.

To look more stylish and elegant you should know how to wear scarves in a proper way with a proper style.

You should tie a scarf well to look better

The well-carried scarf should be the first most priority of a man in her dressing. A man with the well-carried scarf looks more dashing. A correct knotted scarf adds more grace in your looks. Scarves add up a stylish look in your outfit especially when you wear a cool colour with a bland outfit. Brighter colour of scarves can lighten up your casual charcoal overcoat.

You can wear a scarf with

There is no limit of wearing a scarf with different types of clothing so you can wear a scarf definitely with

With a coat

Scarves can be wearing with a coat. They will help you to cover the bare area that is not covered by your court even after zipping up the coat.

With a long-sleeved shirt

You can knot your scarf around your neck with long-sleeved shirt. Definitely, it will give you a cool look.

With a sweater

If you have even a single piece of sweater you can use different scarves with it to look different every day. Knot different scarves on your only sweater with different styles.

With a blazer

You can replace your tie with scarves to look different even in office. It will give you a stylish look.

With a pullover

Men’s wear scarves don’t have great width. It approximately consists of 10 inches in width and 70 inches in length. A scarf is simply a rectangular piece of cloth. Most men think that scarf wearing is a quite tough task to do. They feel it difficult to style up their selves with a scarf.

So, sit back, relax and keep the following things in mind:

  • It’s not difficult to wear a scarf gently.
  • Keep your style of wearing scarf simple and elegant.
  • Only tie a knot around the neck and feel confident
  • Before adopting any style to wear a scarf check that is the length and width of your scarf is enough for the style you are going to adopt.
  • There is a huge difference between necktie and your scarf.
  • Keep your scarf a little bit loose around your neck.
  • Use type of scarf i.e. printed or plane according to the outfit with which you have to carry the scarf

I’ll discuss some stylish and easy ways with you. That will surely help you to find out best style and easy way to wore scarf for you.

Different Styles to tie your Scarf

How to wear a Drape?

It is the simplest way to wear a scarf. Simply put the scarf around your neck with having its end in front, on your chest. Wear a scarf in this style with a suit for a better look. Take your scarf and put that on your shoulder. Tie both ends of the scarf in over and under the form. Keep the front smoother

How to make a fake knot

How to make an Overhead knot

Put the scarf you had around your neck. Keep one side 2 times longer than other. Make a knot at the end point of the longer side. Take the shorter side of the scarf and slip it from the knot you had on the other side.

Have a once round around the neck

Take your scarf wrap it around the neck once and keep the ending sides in front. 

So here are the best and simplest scarf wearing styles that can help you a lot. Just make them a part of your routine to be more stylish.